Paint Others’ (and your!) life Beautiful–with Aesthetic Laser Rentals

For the fluid medical practitioner, the aesthetic laser rental service has become a blessing in disguise–and why not?It offers most all the features of owning–with much fewer downsides.

The laser rental service is the most affordable way to get your foot in the door,and it gives you space to maintain your capital. Doing a laser rental as first-run gives you the opportunity to check the functionality of the machine and the fit in your business.

Three Patient Trouble Spots
Most patient troubles remain just three areas:

1) Red spots. For items vascular in nature, you’ll want the V-Beam laser. The Perfecta is the build version that is world-renowned.

2) Brown spots. For hyper-pigmentation beyond a single layer, a fraxelating ablative laser is the go-to device.

3) Laxity. This can be resolved with fillers, but more-preferably the patient’s own volumizing agents. The Genesis’ Pearl and Titan results speak for themselves (, 2017).

At Silhouette Aesthetics:
We install it.
We test it.
We train you.

We also pick it up. And this service is included no matter the term.