VBeam (Available)

The VBeam. Attack Redness.

Pulsed Dye VBeam Laser Technology


The VBeam was the world’s first cosmetic vascular laser and is today the gold-standard; more dermatologists use this than any other device. It also has more published studies than ANY other laser.

Cleared for use with infants, the VBeam has ablative and non-ablative functions and is  FDA-cleared for treatment of acne vulgaris, facial, spider and leg veins.

The VBeam has a low rate of side-effects. The laser delivers energy absorbed by blood oxyhemoglobin, rather than competing chromophores (skin). Address: pigmented lesions, port-wine stains, dyschromia, poikiloderma, rosacea, post-traumatic scars, striae, and general photodamage.

It is flexible; offering a variety of spot (handpiece) sizes, plus changes in pulse length and strength; and offers cryogen “spot cooling” for patient comfort.
Go from On to Lasering in ten minutes.
Comes with: 8 Handpiece attachments. Carry case, operators manual, tech guide, treatment chart/sample protocols, and 3-piece eyewear. Available occular (metal) laser shield for patient eyelids

Technical: Weight: 290 lbs, Wavelength: 595 nm, DCD: Cryogen HFC 134a
Finger trigger and foot switch. Vbeam® Perfecta is 230 V 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 18ª


• Rates include UNLIMITED shot count.
• Rates inclusive of UNLIMITED cryogen
• We answer questions about usage and settings!

1 Day

Single-day lease

Includes delivery and pickup.

Dermatologist has 30 rolling hours.

We do dropoff and setup.


1 Month

1 Month

Includes delivery and pickup.


1 Year

12 month lease

Includes delivery and pickup.



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